There's not enough support for indie and amateur creators.

Our heart breaks when people abandon their passion instead of creating beauty for the world.

MakeGood provides...

...Accessible training

...Helpful resources
... and a Community of other like-minded artists

So creators have the INSPIRATION and CONFIDENCE
they need to get things done.


Any purchase gets you access to...

The MakeGood Members' Network:
  • virtual community of singers, writers, painters, comedians, actors, and teachers... if they make stuff, we've got 'em
  • get advice from experienced creatores
  • share your work (that's right, WE LOVE your shameless self-promo)
  • jump in on virtual events and job opportunities you'd otherwise never hear of.
Lose the FOMO.

Meet your new best friends, role models, and collaborators.


There's a ton of advice on the internet screaming at you.

Telling you that to be a good writer/artist/etc., you've GOT TO DO IT EVERY DAY.

But how the hell do you start? 

We have a ton of resources to help. 

No more vague platitudes about "believing in yourself" (important, but not as helpful as you might think). 

Find out the small steps you can do TODAY to live the creative life you want.


What's holding you back? 

Whether you're out of ideas...

... don't know how to put your thoughts into action...

... or don't know how to get your finished project out to the world..

Our Inspiring Products will guide you through, so you can accomplish your creative goal and be proud of what you've made.

Not seeing what you need?

Send us what's holding you back at, and we'll guide you to the next step on your journey.

Go ahead, try me, punk. Make my day. Send an email.

We've been in that shitty place, too.

You feel like you can't make anything... or like you'll never love the act of creation ever again.

Our founder, Riley Smith, went from YEARS in that dark place, to...
  • Making a living as a writer
  • Paid gigs as a stand-up comedian
  • Collaborating weekly with friends, artists, and theaters
Now, we're sharing our techniques with hundreds of creators, so they can launch into a new era of creative joy in their life.
"I am so grateful to feel like a creator again!"


Identify what's holding you back...


Use a creativity pack to propel you forward.

Learn a new skill, conquer an old fear, or get inspired with any of our inspiring products.

Browse here.


Follow up with our members' network to stay on track.

Share your creations, ask questions, and feel supported!


There's not enough support for indie and amateur creators. This leaves people feeling discarded, ignored, and in extreme cases, broken.

Our heart breaks when people abandon their passion instead of creating beauty for the world.

But with accessible training, resources, and a community of other like-minded artists, they'll get the inspiration and confidence they need to get things done.

They'll finally write that poem, finish that video, craft that sculpture: the one that keeps a grieving man from taking his own life, inspires a woman to start a world-changing non-profit, or heals the wounded heart of a bullied child.

If creators have support, they'll spend less time feeling lonely and lost, and more time making a beautiful world.

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The Cast and Crew

Riley Smith- Founder/Owner, Comedy Writer
  • Full-time writer
  • Los Angeles-based improv teacher
  • Sketch comedy writer and stand-up comedian
  • Never learned to ride a bike
  • Studied Chaucer and Bugs Bunny at Cambridge University and Rice University
Find her on instagram and twitter @koldfever
Email her at

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