Are you struggling to create?

Maybe you used to love your art... but the passion has run out.

Or you've got the enthusiasm, but no time.

Whatever it is, something is holding you back from what you really love to do.

Want to create more than ever before, and love doing it?

Grab our 21 CREATIVITY KILLERS GUIDE (and how to beat them)!

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The 21 Creativity Killers Guide includes...

  • A diagnosis of exactly what Creativity Killer is holding YOU back
  • Action plans tailored for your specific situation
  • Cute cartoons

What's in the guide?

Here's an example of two of our favorite creativity killers...

21 Creativity Killers

If your problem isn't in here, I'll spank a cow. 

I will find a cow. And I will spank it.

But your problem is probably in here.

21 Action Plans

Once you've identified your problem, we help you make a plan to solve it.

Easy as 1-2-3.